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MIZZEN + MAIN Available at Weitzenkorn's

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        Mizzen and Main was created to be something completely new in the apparel industry. Born from the frustration of having to wear a traditional cotton shirt to work on hot, sticky summer days. We all know that scenario. You have a nice, pressed button up shirt ready for the work day. You throw it on and it looks good for all of about 3 minutes. You start to sweat, it wrinkles and before you know it your shirt is sticking to you from perspiration. Mizzen and Main solves this dilemma every man has had.

        The Wall Street Journal said “The shirts are tailored and professional, looking as good as upscale brands like Brooks Brothers but feeling like Nike Dri-Fit or other quality athletic jerseys.” These shirts are designed to feel like the clothes you wear to the gym. They wick moisture, keep you cool, stretch and do not wrinkle. Add the fact that they don’t need dry cleaning and require little to no ironing and you have the next evolution in men’s shirts.

        Not surprisingly, Mizzen and Main has a growing following of professional athletes and celebrities including their brand spokesman, JJ Watt. Other Mizzen and Main customers include Drew Brees, Bryce Harper, Mark Cuban and Joe Flacco.

        We are very excited to have these shirts in our stores and online. To browse or collection of Mizzen and Main shirts click the link below and enjoy 20% OFF your order with the Promo Code – GET20OFF at check out

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